Marketing Consultancy


Springboard prides itself on its marketing consultancy service but recognises an agency can never have the same depth of industry knowledge that its clients have. However, we believe our marketing expertise and experience, combined with our client’s knowledge make the ideal team.

Our consultancy service comprises a number of elements, which include:
  • Audits
  • Strategic and Tactical Plans
  • Interim Management

Each can be delivered as stand-alone projects or consecutive assignments.
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We have the skills to conduct a full marketing audit looking at all elements of the marketing equation for example, external factors including economic trends, regulatory parameters, market potential and opportunities, competitor strategies and threats. Internally we consider resource limitations, product/service analysis, strengths and weaknesses etc.

Springboard has experience of reviewing the skills and responsibilities of marketing/ communications teams and making recommendations for restructuring/refocusing as necessary.
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Strategic & Tactical Plans

Taking into account the current situation in a client’s organisation, strategic marketing plans are prepared starting with marketing objectives that support the overall business objectives. Target audiences are segmented and tailored messages developed for delivery via an integrated marketing communications plan.

Springboard can also provide advice on possible strategic options, through the use of academic models as frameworks. Springboard enjoys being part of a team responsible for planning the future strategic direction of an organisation.

Springboard also has experience of preparing a wide range of tactical marketing plans, ranging from full marketing plans to more specific programmes such as community consultation or key stakeholder plans. The creation of tailored databases and associated software/access is often a requirement.
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Interim Management

To cover internal marketing or communications staffing gaps due to restructuring, maternity leave or sickness – Springboard’s “insourcing” service covers the vacancy with a combination of in-house and our Tonbridge office based activity.

If you have a short term marketing or communications resource gap, then you can trust a Springboard Project Director or Manager to fit seamlessly “into the breach”. We will match the right Springboard person to your needs and ensure the role is covered until you find a permanent solution. You can trust Springboard to integrate with your team.

Where a particular specialism is required, Springboard will often look to our extensive network of Associates, who can fulfil the client’s specific need.
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